(I originally sent this in their contact form... but might not have been the best place for it, so posting here as well)

I saw that the firmware for the Twister has been open sourced, but I have a number of feature requests for integration into the utility.

1. White center detent color. Obviously it can generate white, but the only options for using it from center are red to blue.

2. White 6 oclock indicator color. Given that the 3D can do white, I see no reason why the Twister cant as well. This would be super useful.

3. Non-sticky detent. When working from center it would be rad if there was an option for it to not “stick” when passing through center.

4. Not sure if there is an undocumented midi string to advance one bank or go back one bank, rather than the current strings which go to X bank, but that would be more useful to me honestly than the currently available go to X bank… though I appreciate the value of both.

Other than that my Twisters are absolutely awesome, and I cant wait to see what y’all come up with next

Also would love to throw in a suggestion for a 4 button super mini controller. Like a super scaled down 3D. None of the major manufacturers quite have anything like that other than that little dicer…. but thats not what Im looking for. A super small, highly customizable pocket controller could be a lot of fun, and sold at ~ $50 might be wildly popular….

Ok thanks!