vci100 se and apc40 , how to get the most out of this
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    Default vci100 se and apc40 , how to get the most out of this

    how one might be able to push the apc40 and vci100 se hooked up together to get the most out of traktor pro. what are the advantages of using both together, how would you map these two out?

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    Default Great question

    Any answers for this good question?

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    thr apc has tons of mapping potential I can tell you that much...
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    VCI is great for what it is (decks and a mixer with few effects (or even jog EFX mappings))

    On other side APC 40 have a plenty of controls available. Great for remix decks (even remix deck sequencer) but I'd probably set up 10 different mapping pages (via modifier) and map the shit out of Traktor.

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    Default Nicely

    Well I have sold off the pesky Launchkey mini and can focus on the apc and vci.
    Any fave mappings out there?

    I'd like to keep the VCI setup for 2 decks using the DJTT 1.3 3.6.4 mapping, its really great.

    As for the APC, I want that for the remix decks and to explore this new step sequencer.

    I do love Ableton, always my favorite for producing remix sets. ( a wee sampler here )

    Now the LINK function is in Traktor 2.11, I have been playing with the apc in ableton, and the vci in traktor.. Just dropping in and out of live sets, and doing whatever I can that way, but early days as only just got the apc.

    Any experiences from your own setups, that might be cool to consider when finalising how I have everything?

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    i wouldnt recommend any mappings, but rather learning to map yourself. start out simple with transport and browser controls, and then add the controls that seem to be missing as you mix.
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