MF Twister Mapping Traktor Loop Issue
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    Default MF Twister Mapping Traktor Loop Issue

    Hey all, this is probably a simple thing I'm missing because I'm fairly new to mapping, but I have a MF Twister encoder set to adjust the loop settings in a track deck in traktor. Twisting selects loop size, pressing should toggle the loop I/O. However, how it is mapped right now, I have to press the button twice to toggle it. So if the track is playing and I want to loop it, I press the loop encoder once, and once again and it loops. To turn off, I press it twice again. I don't really like that plus I have the lights programmed to be green during a loop but this doesn't work when I have to press it like this.


    I have the knob as CC and CC Toggle and in traktor it says button, interraction type hold. No other options to chose from.

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    Simply change the encoder pushbutton assignment from "CC toggle" to "CC hold" that should do it. But you had probably already figured this out yourself

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