Hey guys,

So I'm trying to set up my S4 for mixing live on Facebook and have a few questions on doing so. I've looked up ways to do this, but have a few questions that I was hoping to get answered.

Now, what I'm trying to do is use my studio monitors as my own main monitors, using the 1/4 inch main outs, so I can mix without being stuck just using the headphones to mix. I want to be able to "perform" aka dance/headbang as I would performing a live show. So I would have to use the RCA outs to connect to my phone. From a lot of tutorials I've looked up on connecting your phone for a Facebook Live Feed, I've seen many DJs use the iRig2 to connect to their phone with the proper cables. So, I believe all I would need is an RCA to Single 1/4 male cable to go into the iRig2, then the iRig2 into my phone. Pretty simple, am I right about this?

Now, since this would be the Main signal coming from the S4, I'm guessing I would have to adjust the Main Level on the S4 so that if I'm playing out of the monitors loudly, the signal to the live feed wouldn't be blasting, correct? I don't want that signal blasting out to my phone. The iRig2 does have a gain volume on the side, so I should be able to adjust the volume coming from the iRig so it's not blasting into the Live feed.

If this sounds right, please let me know. Or if anyone has another way of providing a good connection for a live feed, I'd greatly appreciate the info.