Hey Everyone so I just had a quick question for anyone who owns or has experience with using a Silent Disco setup. So recently I purchased a silent disco setup from ebay that came with 1 transmitter and 10 headphones with all the cables included (this is the link https://www.ebay.com/itm/192409762725). The system it self works fine however I am having a little bit of a sound quality issue. When music is being played the sound coming through the headphones is a little bit muffled and a little bit distorted. So after reading into the subject it was recommended that a pre amp/amplifier would help solve the issue. I guess because it has something to do with the signal being weak and a pre amp will help strengthen it and make the sound quality better?? If this is the case does anyone have an recommendations on pre amps that will help solve the issue. The model of the transmitter is a TX-50RF i found a link to the specifics here http://www.go-on.cn/index.php/Silent...hones/420.html