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    Quote Originally Posted by Mintaka View Post
    Yes Db4 and sc2000. I purchased the db4 when it first came out but its more expensive now than it was then. Can't justify that cost now for what is some bedroom fun.
    Well you still seem to need a external mixer of some sort (because of the option to later add an external effects unit) so I don't know what to suggest. Dan suggested a Xone 62, seems like a good choice. You already owned the Denon X1700 so you know if it suits your needs, a X1600 may be a good budget choice paired with 2x X1.
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    This is what I'd do with a grand:

    Behringer DDM4000 Mixer
    ZOMO MC-1000 Controller w/integrated audio interface (4-stereo outs)
    Akai MPD Controller (connected to a remix deck in Traktor)

    This will give you all the playability you'd like (3 deck mixing + 1 channel for playing samples/finger drumming w/the MPD). The DDM4k has TWO assignable FX units. I seriously LOVED my DDM4K. Had a lot of fun with it. And it never left my house - so there was no issues with the Behringers *perceived* build quality.

    Well under your 1k.
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