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    So, i decided to have some fun at home and replace my hifi setup with dj gear, without loss of sound quality.
    I have some basic djing knowledge (dozen practices at various setups- very basic) but know very little about tech stuff.
    After couple of months of researching, according to my budget and needs i'm choosing following equipment:
    Stanton st150 or str8-150 (only one tt)
    Traktor X1 mk2
    Eve audio sc207 - 2pcs
    Rekordbox DJ and DVS

    I want to use setup in (home use only)
    1. Dvs mode, with one tt and x1 (rekordbox mapping) over instant doubles function
    2. Standard mode:
    A. with tt on one channel and laptop over x1 on the other channel (until i expand my record collection and buy one more tt)
    B. Just listening my records without mixing.

    My questions are:

    1. Is it possible for this equipment to function properly im both ways?
    2. What do you think about sound quality for this setup?

    Any comments and advices are more than welcome

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    If you're getting the X1, why not get a Z2 for your DVS? Or get the DDJ-SP1 instead of the X1?
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    Tnx happydan!
    1. Z2 was in my shortlist but Ive read about sound issues in standalone mode. Djm450 should have same sound characteristics as pioneer flagship models, correct me if I'm wrong.
    2. Ddj sp1 should be a beeter choice than x1, and it should work right away with rekordbox dj, but it costs more and i will use it just for basic play/cue operations

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