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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayle View Post
    Yeah. I wasn’t so much thinking of a new version, more perhaps an 700mk2 maybe that would play nicely with an XP1. Only a little thought in my head. After a first play with the 1000s I think they’ll do just fine!
    That's one of the other things you'll probably realize (some people never do). Updates come out because companies want to keep making money, and they can't do that only by selling stuff to new people in the market. There's nothing wrong with that...I'm definitely not an anti-capitalist. But especially when you're on a budget, chasing every upgrade just isn't worth it.

    If you're clever about it and sell something right before a new version comes out, which you buy immediately...you could wind up with the first purchase being the only really expensive one. Each new CDJ, for example, might only cost a few hundred dollars. I know there are people who do that with computers, cameras, and phones. But, you're also always following that upgrade cycle.

    Or you could just be happy with something and play on it until it dies. There are still CDJ-1000s, SL-1200mk2s, and CMA-10-2DLs in service. The death knell of the 1200 was sounded when Technics decided to make it last for damn ever...eventually, their sales were going to drop off to the point that it wasn't profitable for them to make any more.

    I have a few things like that (such as my 1200s) that have (in some cases) been supplanted by newer versions. But, they still work. And the new versions aren't really adding anything I care about except being new and shiny instead of having scratches and dings and knobs that were chewed on by cats.

    It's relaxing to look at the news for the upcomming NAMM and think "meh". There's one or two things I would get excited about, but I think I'm the only person in the world who wants them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mostapha View Post
    GOD DAMNED TANKS. Ive been through multiple Super OEMS, but my Techs never fail me.

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    My Xone:62 was first sold (not to me) in 2003. It's 15 years old and still going strong, bar a couple of checkups.
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