Hey guys -

Link doesn't do what I need, and MTC doesn't do what I need. Hoping someone knows some trick or 3rd party software that will do it.

I want to run Traktor as a master to Live, and Arena. I need Traktor to output the BPM (or link data).

When I use Link, and Jump from a track at 150bpm to 70bpm, I have to use my tempo knob to dial all the way down to 70, and for those few seconds, everything is a little off.

If I turn link off, and use Auto sync/MTC, the tempo changes quickly, but I lose the ability to set downbeats and such.

In an ideal world, I want to find a way to have Traktor (or something) automatically change tempo while keeping link sync data. It seems like it should be out there - but I can't find a way to do it.

Alternatives I know about that don't work yet:
1. Importing all audio to Ableton
2. Coding Cod makes an iphone app that takes MTC and creates a Link session. Or takes Link and puts out MIDI.

Would love some help! Thank you!