Help with Vestax VCI 380 Pass Filter
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    Default Help with Vestax VCI 380 Pass Filter

    So I'm super new to djing and I need help with my controller which I bought from a friend a few months back. It's a Vestax VCI 380.

    For a few months I have been using it with serato and the pass filter worked from the 12 o'clock position, but my computer blanked so I had to re-dowload the software.

    When I re-connected the controller, the pass filters now work from the 8 o'clock position, or as far left as they can go.

    How do I fix this so that i can reset the pass filters to work from the 12 o'clock position?


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    Is that true for both controls on just on a deck? If you made any custom mappings you might want to disable them temporarily.

    What might have happened is that you reinstalled a newer version. Double check the unit is running on the latest firmware and drivers. Wouldn't hurt to ping Serato's Support to check if similar cases were reported and there is a known fix.

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