Title says it all, short house mix I used to apply to a local festival i've played a couple years now. This year i've included a couple of original tracks in the mix, still unmastered but whatever.

I produce using Maschine standalone, used to have Ableton but my computer is so old now i've been forced to adapt.

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Christian Jay - Liston 2
Spellz - untitled
Adrianho - Peripetii
Spellz - Therapy
Diego Krause - Realms
Michael James - The Story Unfolds
Neverdogs, Sebastian Ledher - Una
James Dexter - I Think So
LondonGround, Manu Desrets - Pianeat
Alex Troubetzkoy - Ephemere
Michael Rosa - Swept
Groovesh - Stop Motion
Augusto Pianta - Hypnotic Perception
iO (Mulen) - Sunrise On The Dancefloor (WestBoy Remix)
Burnski - Another Source (Mandar Remix)