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    Quote Originally Posted by electroshock View Post
    I respectfully disagree. The subject is too long and not much point elaborating it here, but shortly: decrapifiers work, as proven by many happy users = usb does have issues, not always but it does. Computers already have usbs and that's why companies produce usb audio interfaces, not because usb is the best option for audio.
    You're right in an academic sense.

    But, it's still good enough, baring some kind of driver or software screw up, most of which is solved by Class Compliance with the rest of it disappearing with good word clocks at the extreme end of the spectrum.

    For a DJ's purpose, especially just recording a signal off an analog mixer, it's perfeclty acceptable. The only thing the little Tascam or whatever recorders add is the ability to record without a computer.....which is worth it in a lot of cases. But sound quality is not one of the reasons to use them.

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    this is what i use, its an old vinyl converter. my friend said he found it in the bottom of an old box recently and it works great! id say its of cheap quality and more than a few years old and sounds great to me! you can check my mix for sound quality. i spin on 2 xdj700s with a djm600 and i only use waves. i know its a little quiet but...

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