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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxOne View Post
    Yeah, the thing that is supposed to be cool (that i've never tried / got into) is you can record the session view into the arrange view... so basically you can jam out the loops and turn it into an arrange... it sounds cool in theory. i just never done it
    When I was DJing with live, that's how I recorded my sets. For a while. But I never went back and edited things, so I stopped and just used the resampling input or some other recorder.

    I think session view might as well be called either mixer or meters view for actually producing/recording.

    But it really does all come down to preferences.

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    Those two DAWs are probably the best options for beginners. It will really come down to details to chooce between Ableton and Logic. You can't go wrong with any of those.
    Start with Ableton and later on try to learn the interface of Logic, if you know the basics then logic pro will take you a couple of days to be able to use it.
    Logic Pro has better audio filters, Ableton has more friendly interface and also great option for DJing as well.

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