recording maschine mk2 in traktor s2 with komplete audio 6
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    Default recording maschine mk2 in traktor s2 with komplete audio 6

    I trying to find solution in last 7 days .

    I can sync maschine and traktor but i cannot record everything what i do live in traktor.

    I have a problem with recording maschine output.

    I read every tutorial what i find but without success. Maybe the problem its that i have traktor s2 not s4.

    You can find *.jpg in atachment with my equipement.

    Win 10 , maschine mk2 , traktor kontrol s2, traktor kontrol f1 , komplete audio 6


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    So, it looks like the issue is that you're sending Maschine's audio out the same sound card but not actually through Traktor's software.

    If you're hearing Maschine but not recording it, one solution would be to send your master signal (from whatever output you're using) into some input that your computer can hear and recording that, either with Traktor's internal recording or something like Audacity.

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    the way i found is this

    1 jack as souncard ( i m on mac but now it is available for windows )
    2 make jack as soundcard on two software
    3route Maschine under traktor bye playing as internal in traktor ,you have on the input panel "input Aux " (fader is under the crossfader panel,you need to enable on preferences mixer part ) or under decks C or D ..

    as you can see the sound to maschine is on traktor without tracks loaded
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