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    Default Nice!

    Sick job man <3

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    Hi everyone, SELEKTIO 005 is finally out. This one marks a special moment for me as I'm super happy to welcome Xone 96 and MasterSounds FX as part of my gear family. To celebrate something new, I wanted to play something old. So, please tune in for some crispy acid house and trance that is perfect for getting into the party mood. I really hope you like the selection as well the improved sound quality.


    Heartthis.at (Lossless):





    Radioactive Man – Goodnight Morton
    Choice – Acid Eiffel
    Kirk Degiorgio – Acid Symphony (John Beltran remix)
    Perel – Hildegard (Original Mix)
    Fantastic Man – Dream Machine (Original Mix)
    Paolo – Pericolo (Original Mix)
    Marlena Shaw – Woman of the Ghetto (Catz 'n Dogz Remix)
    Asquith – The Conditioning Track (NYC Mix)
    Truncate – Dial (Armas Selektive Edit for Heiko Laux Remix)
    Panangaea – Cuba Vox (Armas Selektive Edit)
    Innershades – Acid Belter
    Zeta Reticula – Reticulum (Armas Selektive Edit)
    No Moon – Acid IX
    Djrum – Sex (Armas Selektive Edit)
    TML – Crying (Original Mix)
    Gat Decor – Passion (Naked Mix)
    Cubic 22 – Night In Motion (Armas Selektive Edit)
    Spectrum – Spectral (Armas Selektive Edit)
    Pleasure Game – Le Dormeur (Paradox Mix)
    CJ Bolland – Mindwar
    HMC – Cum On (Original Mix)
    Apollo 440 – Liquid Cool (Deep Forest Ice Cold @ The Equator Mix)
    Metropolis – Time Of War (A.C mix)
    Timothy J Fairplay – Key To Paradox
    Man With No Name – Teleport
    Encore: Rozalla – Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) – sorry, just had to play this in the end. so many good memories <3
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    SELEKTIO SERIES 006 is out!

    Hi all and happy New Year! SELEKTIO 006 is out containing some of my favourite mellow melodic and dark deep house tracks from last year. January is one of the darkest months in Finland, and wanted to play something suitable for the mood. Hopefully you enjoy the mix and share it forward.


    Heartthis.at (Best Lossless Quality + Download):





    01 Boatman & Pedro Pozos Everyou (Original Mix)
    02 &ME The Rapture Pt. II
    03 &ME Solaris
    04 Kato Change & Winyo Abiro (Da Capo's Touch)
    05 Ivory Super (Original Mix)
    06 Super Flu Selee (Original Mix)
    07 Kiwi Condor
    08 Marcus Worgull Broad Horizons (Original Mix)
    09 Alex Smoke Fall Out (Tale Of Us remix)
    10 MODXI Amalgam (Roman Flugel Remix)
    11 Adriatique Studies In Dance Theory (Original Mix)
    12 Dominik Marz Tears (Aera edit)
    13 Marvin & Guy feat. Perel Idra
    14 The Golden Filter Talk Talk Talk (Cooper Saver Remix)
    15 Chaim Toriaz (Original Mix)
    16 Fabio Fabio Alma (Armas Selektive Edit)
    17 Giorgia Angiuli Deep Moan (Agatha Pher Remix)
    18 BOg Terra (Innellea's Stab Establishment)
    19 Matteo Bruscagin Lunanera (Original Mix)
    20 Barratt Saqqara (Original Mix)
    21 Murat Uncuoglu Dummy
    22 Booka Shade Lust 2.1

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