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    Default Nice!

    Sick job man <3

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    Hi everyone, SELEKTIO 005 is finally out. This one marks a special moment for me as I'm super happy to welcome Xone 96 and MasterSounds FX as part of my gear family. To celebrate something new, I wanted to play something old. So, please tune in for some crispy acid house and trance that is perfect for getting into the party mood. I really hope you like the selection as well the improved sound quality.


    Heartthis.at (Lossless):





    Radioactive Man – Goodnight Morton
    Choice – Acid Eiffel
    Kirk Degiorgio – Acid Symphony (John Beltran remix)
    Perel – Hildegard (Original Mix)
    Fantastic Man – Dream Machine (Original Mix)
    Paolo – Pericolo (Original Mix)
    Marlena Shaw – Woman of the Ghetto (Catz 'n Dogz Remix)
    Asquith – The Conditioning Track (NYC Mix)
    Truncate – Dial (Armas Selektive Edit for Heiko Laux Remix)
    Panangaea – Cuba Vox (Armas Selektive Edit)
    Innershades – Acid Belter
    Zeta Reticula – Reticulum (Armas Selektive Edit)
    No Moon – Acid IX
    Djrum – Sex (Armas Selektive Edit)
    TML – Crying (Original Mix)
    Gat Decor – Passion (Naked Mix)
    Cubic 22 – Night In Motion (Armas Selektive Edit)
    Spectrum – Spectral (Armas Selektive Edit)
    Pleasure Game – Le Dormeur (Paradox Mix)
    CJ Bolland – Mindwar
    HMC – Cum On (Original Mix)
    Apollo 440 – Liquid Cool (Deep Forest Ice Cold @ The Equator Mix)
    Metropolis – Time Of War (A.C mix)
    Timothy J Fairplay – Key To Paradox
    Man With No Name – Teleport
    Encore: Rozalla – Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) – sorry, just had to play this in the end. so many good memories <3
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