Midi Fighter 3D issue with Traktor Pro Remix Deck
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    Default Midi Fighter 3D issue with Traktor Pro Remix Deck

    Hey community

    here's the problem:

    Midi Fighter 3D's cursor does not flash after Traktor Pro's launch. (therefore it doesn't control the remix deck)
    The firmware (on MF Utility) is set on Remix Deck.
    I had this issue in the past and I solved it by choosing OSX Remix Deck firmware. (I'm running a Traktor Pro 2.11 on a Win10 64x)

    But this time (after a fresh installation) I can't make it work again.
    I loaded up my saved mappings and all other devices work except for the 3D in remix mode.

    what should I do?

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    Unhappy still waiting for someone to come up with a solution

    FYI, I'm running Traktor Pro 2.11 on Windows 10 x64

    I was using my MF3D to control remix decks with no problem before I had to install a fresh version of the software.
    and now everything else works just fine. I just cannot get my 3D to enter "Remix Deck Mode"

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    I guess the only solution for now is to roll back to Traktor 2.10
    It's a solid version that works flawlessly with MF3D.

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