This is special one, some tracks in there that i saved for a special occasion, the flow in this mix is really how i like my techno served. Lots of emotion and some stranger choices leaving the listener wondering what is next...


Thomas Evans - Dark Love (Kostas Maskalides Remix)
Stiv Hey - Groundwave (Original Mix)
Sedated - Heavenly (Original Mix)
Ozan Kanik - The Bass Is Pumping (Coding Sequence Remix)
More Analog - Lithium (Nicolas Taboada Remix)
Florian Peschel - Rising (Mike Vath & Marco Piangiamo Remix)
Cleric - Phantom Limb (Original Mix)
Against The Time - Opium
Rudosa - Emotion (Original Mix)
EINHORN (DE) - Antidote
Chris von B. - Modern 8 (Original Mix)
Spiros Kaloumenos - Vector (Original Mix)
Kony Donales - Sensation (Original Mix)
Webby - Shattered (DRSVH Remix)
Gary Burrows - Reaper One (Original Mix)
Oscar Escapa, Martin Lacroix - Welcome (Original Mix)
Kevin Wesp - Bird Walk