I need advice on buying a controller
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    Default I need advice on buying a controller

    Hi all! New to this and want to start learning to DJ. Used to have some Numark gear a few years ago but never used it much and really eager to get back into it.

    I'am looking at getting a controller and have been viewing the...

    Pioneer XDJ RX. I really like the option of having a screen.
    Pioneer DDJ RX.
    Pioneer DDJ 1000.

    But also the Denon MCX8000 but unsure about Serato as I'm seeing some positive opinions on Rekordbox.

    Hope I can make a decisions after getting responses from you guys!

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    Can't believe no one responded to you. I hope you got the DDJ-1000. Too bad it wasn't today when you posted this otherwise I'd suggest the DDJ-1000SRT!!!

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