Midi Fighter Twister : New user fighting with some issues
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    Unhappy Midi Fighter Twister : New user fighting with some issues

    Hi everyone !
    I'm a new user of the Midi Fighter Twister, and i'm confronting with some issues :

    If using multiple banks, led colors seems a bit buggy : if i put Yellow as Off color in Bank 1, i will get a Yellow as Off color in other banks. It seems that the Off color always go back to the 1st bank. Even after a factory reset. This bug is really breaking the usage of bank & colors system. To me it's the same problem as explained here : http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=92596

    Except by launching a Midi Patchbay application (routing the MFT to itself), i found no way to use just one switch bouton for Bank Switching (instead of the side buttons). If i use the Bank Switching CC (Ch4 CC1 to go to bank 2), the MFT utility get the message and switch the bank, but not the device. This thread is on this subject : http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=94195

    It would be great to specifiy the value sent by each knob / button : for example for a push button, having the ability to send only the value 127 (or only the note on), and for a knob, have the ability to limit the value to 0-64 for example. It will increase the Super Knob power and utility.

    Besides the classic and detent behavior, that would be awesome to have a spread one.

    Any advice is more than welcome.
    Hoping this issues will get some attentions for coming updates

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    Yeah, the config software should allow more flexibility with the CC values, especially with the switch buttons.

    Can't figure out how to have

    - all buttons same channel
    - all buttons have same CC
    - all buttons have other CC value (for example Button 1 = MIDI CH 10 CC0 and CC value 1; button 2 = MIDI CH 10 CC0 and CC value 2 etc...).

    Indeed the sliders as well: why only max values and not making that more flexible in the programmer?

    thinking to send mine back if I don't figure it out soon to work with my setup.

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    my twister has a few 'quirks' with colours and its a shame the software/firmware is not so good either , but i understand that a straight forward controller is much more commercially viable , it keeps a lot of things quite simple and consistent across the device and i'm sure for many people its perfectly fine for their needs.
    i think i'm looking for a more flexible , programmable controller which is proving very hard to find.

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