Duplicating Rekordbox library?
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    Default Duplicating Rekordbox library?

    has anyone done this successfully? i tried to search but came up with nothing. i essentially want to clone my rekordbox collection and its information to another drive. i dont want to move my current library. i've read that it is possible if you use the same file path on both computers but thats not really an option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happydan View Post
    the problem i found with this is that the files were never missing on my new computer.

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    If you are trying to sync your Rekordbox library with another computer, maybe wait for Library Sync, which will probably come with RB 5.3.

    If you just want a one-time duplication, have you tried File > Backup Library on computer 1, followed by File > Restore Library on computer 2?
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