[Minimal] Microhouse Sunrise Mix
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    Default Microhouse Sunrise Mix

    This mix is from a recent sunrise set I played at an acreage party from 6 - 8 AM. I find most DJs either love or hate playing at that time but personally I love it, sunrises are such a beautiful thing and with the right selection of music they can be truly glorious after a wild night of partying. I followed a pretty chill deep house set so the tracks I played were a mixture of microhouse, deep tech, minimal, and maybe a bit of progressive house depending on your definition. Lots of layers and detail, long slow transitions. Hypnotic and generally uplifting vibes. I know minimal isn't everybody's jam but hopefully some of you enjoy.

    Observer - Play of the Waves
    Panicu, Andrea Caioni - Camminado sulla Luna
    Alex Rusu - Ata
    Petrutt - Time's A Good Friend
    Alex Rusu - Uai
    Vizar - The Time
    Viktor Udvari - Kivagyok Magamtol
    Wyro Kpsh - Microverse
    Cuky - Le Marquis
    Janeret - Edge
    Vern - Sphere
    Andrey Djackonda - Muse
    Karousel - Arrakis (SAM Reshape)
    iO (Mulen) - Stick Out
    D I N & Groove Width Modulation - The Beginning
    Vincent Casanova - Zip
    Ion - Sunshine
    diferit - Follow back the Vibe
    Cornucopia - Letter For Poly
    Yaroslav Lenzyak - Splash
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