Wierd Knob Behavior MK3 Mapping
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    Default Wierd Knob Behavior MK3 Mapping


    I am trying to map a knob to Filter Adjust on Deck A. This works well, but I would like to take this one step further by adding LED feedback so I can see the change on my MK3 controller. Once I add Filter Adjust Out to the same knob, I begin to get weird behavior. The LED feedback works as intended, but when I spin the knob and the value passes zero, the filter gets stuck at zero and bounces between +2% and -2% when I spin the knob. Also, if I manually change the filter with my mouse to value +25% for example, when I spin the knob clockwise, the values start decreasing and go back to zero.

    I've included my mapping screen shots. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    It could be a bug or some editor setting... Your mapping looks fine.

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