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    If I understand this right you are missing the "FX Store Preset" command. Simply map this command to your FX Selector buttons (Add In\FX Unit\FX Store Preset)

    And don't forget to set it on Invert.
    That didnt seem to fix it, no change occurred. Doesn't FX Store preset just act as a hot cue for the FX Snapshot feature?
    The Effect i want and mapped to that button is showing up in the proper FX Selector slot, BUT only when I release the button (because inverted) but its not activating the effect even tho i have "Button 1" mapped to it as well. It seems like the order of operations is wrong for the button, like instead of selecting the Effect and simultaneously turning it on its just selecting the Effect on an inverted hold.

    [Trying to troubleshoot while i write these replies lol, this next paragraph is a work around attempt]
    I added another 4 modifier assignments [M5=1-4] And mapped each to buttons 1-4 on the Lcontrol in hopes it would help the mapping decide which action to do, and it worked, each button now turns on Button 1. I then added M5=1-4 to the first 4 FX Sel. slots (the first 4 are all mapped to work on the first Effect Bank Page [M6=1]) and it works sort of, the Effect changes to the right Effect with the first press, but doesnt turn on till i press the button again. And if i press another button on the LControl for a different effect it turns the Effect on upon holding, then changes to the appropriate Effect on release, then it works with another press. I just want it to change to the effect and turn it on at the same time lol I think I cant have the FX Sel. set to Invert due to it forcing the effect off after release of the button, so if i want the tail end of a delay or reverb it'll have to stay on. I do believe the Invert was simply for when I had it mapped to the "pages" so that they'd show up when the page was selected correct? That obviously cant work with the buttons each selecting the effects so sorry if ive dragged you thru my crazy progressive mapping lol

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    The Store preset worked perfectly fine ever since NI added it in 2.5. Maybe there are some conflicting messages in your mapping.

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