I recently got a MASCHINE JAM because I wanted to link it to my KONTROL S5 to give me the extra functionality that I'd have had if I'd got the S8 - for me, a no-brainer as the JAM costs less than the additional cost of the S8 with the addition of MASCHINE software and currently, a nice promotion for a bunch of expansions too (thanks NI).
I've tried GiantSpaceRobot's mapping that's available here on DJTT (total respect to you, dude), kind of got it to work and may well persevere.
In the meantime, I also found this YouTube vid:
https://youtu.be/kQoZIMHNpwM. It's posted by an Australian company, CMI Music & Audio and it raves about the mapping they'd found from www.PROMOTEUS.org.
It looked pretty exhaustive so I've grabbed a copy (AIO3) and will now spend some time getting to know it.
Even so - has anyone else heard of this mapping? Used it? Loved it? Hated it?! Why...?
Cheers for any responses!