I just got a JAM to extend the functionality of my S5 - two amazing beasties!
As JAM comes with MASCHINE, I'll be using this to write some beats for transitions, intros, that sort of thing. Then when performing, I'll use a midimap to transform JAM into giving me more control over stems, remix decks and the sequencer function. At least, that's the plan.
Even so, I thought I'd see about running MASCHINE and TRAKTOR together (as per Eon's vid - ) just because.
After a bit of a headache with MIDI (I'm PC, not MAC), I kind of got it all synced up (now thinking about an external MIDI interface), but then I noticed something odd:
If I switched any of the FX send buttons on or off, it registered as a continuously played note on the JAM.
The only way I could see to switch it off was to use the mouse to click on the note within MASCHINE.
Did anyone else have this problem?
Did you fix it?
It's not a major problem for me as I'll more likely use MASCHINE as a pre-production tool, rather than for performance. Even so, it seemed a bit weird and I'd like to work it out.
Thanks for any responses!