Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster.

After DJing for personal enjoyment on my Kontrol S2 for several years now, I am now being asked to perform at small parties, events and receptions (50 - 200 people). As several events of late have been "destination" events in which I must travel with my gear, I have been forced to rent a PA system and PA mixer. Invariably, the PA mixers available to rent have all differed from one another. I am therefore forced to waste time during setup learning the connections and controls of each new rented console. This is both frustrating and time-consuming.

I would like to purchase a solid road-ready PA mixer for use when traveling (...and for at home for when I eventually purchase my own PA speakers/sub). I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for reputable PA mixers that fellow DJs would recommend for use with my S2. Mixers that I have experience with include the Mackie ProFX and Allen & Heath ZED lines (although I didn't spend enough time with either to garner a preference for one in particular).

Are there any features in a PA mixer that I should look for that are specifically suited towards DJs and the S2? I am not looking for anything huge or overly complicated. At most, I would hook up the PA speakers and sub, a microphone, my S2 and perhaps an iPad/iPod/iPhone. As I presume the S2 is a line-level device, do I need the stereo ins on the mixer to have a pad/attenuation button?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!