I've got the Allen&Heath XoneB4, using Traktor vinyl timecode, and adding Ableton live using a push 2, a pair of k2 connected to the DB4, Novation Launch Control XL, and an AKAI advance 49 keyboard.

the aim is a hybrid DJ and live added elements set.
I play trance, and have worked out a few things, but need to get into more detail with getting it all mapped.

love the effects of the DB4, but my usage of them is a bit limited.
any tips and tricks with the effects?

any way to have trails, but also be able to cut the mixer channel with the volume fader if something is wrong?

I will be running some extra percussion and kick, sound effects, Idents/name drops. seasonal effects (Halloween etc), live keyboard playing.

any other tips for doing live sets.

suppose I'm maybe ending up like PVD

I know that Armin uses a DB4, but I don't hear him using any of the effects features of the mixer.