MF 3D & Twister occasionally get stuck constantly rebooting
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    Default MF 3D & Twister occasionally get stuck constantly rebooting

    Sometimes when I plug in my controllers, they will go into constant reboot mode. I've tried with just one controller at a time, a different usb hub, a powered USB hub, even directly into my Macbook Pro (when I do this, the lights on 3D have a slight flicker every second. Using Chroma Cable USB. Firmware is up to date. They do not recognize in MF Utility while in reboot sequence. Only if I can get them to stay connected.

    Sometimes I can get them both to connect properly, but often it's only one or the other.

    I reset the PRAM/NVRAM of my macbook, and that did seem to work for now. However looking into the system report of my macbook. it says the power draw of the Twister is only 100mA but the 3D is 480mA, is that correct?
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