A selection of deep, physical house tracks best suited for late at night once the party has entered weird mode and all the fair weather ravers have gone home. Featuring a ton of different artists from all over the international underground scene, including a few tracks by yours truly. Feedback greatly appreciated!

Afriqua - Wibrations
Alex Fuente & Devianik - Don't Stop You
Paul S, Antony PI - 2 Faces (Manna From Sky Remix)
Everdom, Factory Kid - Corrupted Stream (Fulvio Ruffert & Gregario Serasin Remix)
Carmelo Gargaglione - Mania My (Tom Langusi Remix)
Shekimon - Extent
Rub A Dub, Joey Daniel - End Of Discussion
Subb-an - Modern Love
juzeL - scape
Lautstarke - Powder
lukavi - treset
Suolo & Groovesh - Ratacit
Dub Community - Km 23
Asvajit - Rokudenashi
Arapu - AM 01
Den Haas - Le Lievre
Moett C, Meza (MX) - N_ise
Manuel De Lorenzi, Giacomo Silvestri - After So Long
Reber - Where Is the Buffet
Spellz - Keep Up (No Sleep)
Subb-an - The Other Side
Giacomo Silvestri - Low Cooked
Spellz - Finding Balance
Yefim Malko - Triangle (Direkt & Bungalowa Remix)
Premiesku - Point Phrase
Two Lone Swordsmen - Glide By Shooting
Bratias - Second
Giammarco Orsini - Divenire
E.T.H. (Italy) - Zagan