new owner - initial thoughts and questions
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    Default new owner - initial thoughts and questions

    i thought i'd come back to see if anything has changed , updated the points below just in case anyone else drops by.

    ive been digging into the midi twister , configuring it for use with digitakt via a usb hub,. its possibly beyond what was intended to be used with traktor/remix decks etc... and much of the requests below are things i've been looking for on other controllers and havent found in one device .

    its generally working well here are my requests , questions etc. apologies as its a fairly long list for my first post.
    its a nice device , feels very good , great buttons etc , nice rubberised case.

    minor thing right now.-
    issue 1 - encoder 15 on bank 1 on and off are the wrong colour (red) , i cant change it no matter what i do.reset etc has no effect, still wrong.
    bank 2 is ok
    bank 3 encoder 13 is black and again on/off are wrong ,15 is red instead or purple.reset etc has no effect, still wrong.

    its generally fine , would benefit from some nice updates which i'm sure have already been requested.
    1,copy bank to another bank , swap banks.[NOT POSSIBLE]
    2,copy/paste knob settings [NOT POSSIBLE]
    using shift to select multiple knobs like windows/whatever the mac keyboard shortcut is. select 1 knob (copy) select multiple (paste)

    3allow all parameters to be mapped within multiple mode. if the parameter isnt changed then it uses whichever value is already assigned. (i've like to assign everything midi cc 93 quickly , when assign midi channels 1 to 8 to correspond with tracks 1 to 8) i could easily select them all and make blue , specify the note etc. currently i have to do them one at a time .[NOT POSSIBLE]

    4would love to define where the 'centre point' is displayed , i could mark my favourite values on the encoder that way.....e.g if value 24 is my preference then the dot would be lower left. theyd be more flexible than the typical left/right pan or filter .[NOT POSSIBLE]

    5. would love to define a table of values to cycle through instead fixed 0 to 127[NOT POSSIBLE]
    e.g to do tempy syncd delays , i want to only cycle through values 0,3,7,11,15,23,31,47,63 ...
    using this method i could easily specify my range of values, only define 0,1 to make a switch , specify values up to 100 instead of a fixed 0 to 127 range.

    6. would like to define toggle on/off values , current 0 or 127 which , if used for volume , would turn everything up to full instead of a default (e.g 100 ) , that way i can use it to mute on/off , or go crazy with delay times then toggle back to my desired value instead of 0 or 127

    7.set default cc values for when the device is plugged in.[NOT POSSIBLE]
    8. turn on / off the snap to centre point so that the 'dot' is only visual on device and doesn't stick the values towards 64 / mid point.[NOT POSSIBLE]

    9 import/export excel data so i could edit it elsewhere , copy/paste etc is very quick , then re-import.[NOT POSSIBLE]
    10 - change log display to non hex numbers , e.g. midi channel that matches the one selected (channel 1 displayed instead of 0) , display button instead of B01 and things like that.[NOT POSSIBLE]

    11. load last saved mapping file in editor. add a file type filter to the open/close dialogue so its easy to find .mfs file.
    12. add a get from midi fighter , I'm not entirely sure if its automatic but plugging in a device and 'getting' the setup with a button would be quite intuitive.

    13. open the additional menu items automatically , side key functions , encoder switch midi settings etc.
    and a question . Its something i open everytime i edit things, and i'm sure many people have screens that can display it all.[NOT POSSIBLE]
    14. rename bank headings in the editor to help keep track of what they are (eg. bank1 . Effects) .. just a way to tag them when returning to a template after a while. propagate those into the other menus if possible (e.g when defining the side buttons )[NOT POSSIBLE]

    superknobs dont seem very obvious , it implies it can send extra cc but i cant see anywhere where i could define it ? i get the impression at a certain point (defined in the globals setting) that it can send values to another CC but i cant see it . I'll dig through the forums again.

    there is mention of 'page' swap on the side buttons but nothing else. in addition to the 4 x banks what are pages ?
    i can get the twister to go black and have another set of buttons which seem to stick on if i hold a button when swap back. I'll dig through the forums a little more.

    thanks for reading , i appreciate any feedback and as i said before i'm sure much of this has already been discussed.
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