This is an excerpt from my sunrise set at a local festival up in Alberta called Reign Bough Fiddle. There was a trance stage, a bass stage, and a house/chill out stage. This is the second hour from my set on the chillout stage from 3:30-5:30 am. Typically I play deeper techno/minimal so this was a new experience for me playing out more melodic proggy stuff. There wasn't a massive turnout for this set but I still had an awesome time playing nice chill melodic house outdoors for the sunrise with my friends so I thought i'd share it up on here!

It starts a little darker as the sun wasn't quite up yet and slowly turns into more epic melodic stuff in time with the sun coming up. Hope you enjoy!

Kasper Koman - Into Little Pieces
Guy J - Aurora
Tone Depth - Marathon (Ziger Remix)
Guy J - Algorithm
Cid Inc. - Arcane Thoughts
phon.o - schn33
Antidote - What Time Is Love (Stan Kolev Remix)
Ben Bohmer - After Earth
Guy J - Nirvana
Sarza - F.L.H.A.G.