Jackosx and Traktor Pro
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    Default Jackosx and Traktor Pro

    I just installed Jackosx and now Traktor won't start. Everytime I try running Traktor it quits unexpectedly before it even starts. I uninstalled Jackosx, I even uninstalled and reinstalled Traktor Pro... Anyone have any ideas?

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    Remember to first start Jack OSX, give it some time to start up and when you're certain that it's ready (don't start the server yet!), start Traktor. If Traktor is ready, then start the server. I used Jack OSX to route Traktor through Ableton, but in my case, Ableton kept crashing. If it still keeps crashing, you can try SoundFlower. For some reason I believe SoundFlower is more stable. You can download it for free here
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    I'm afraid I wasn't clear in my original post... Even after UNinstalling jackosx, I am unable to run traktor. As in, Traktor won't even start. It crashes... OSX reports this as "Traktor has quit unexpectedly"...

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