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    Default Rekordbox newbie questions

    I am new to RB having just converted over from Traktor and have a few questions that I need help with please, didnt want to make single posts for each one and flood the forum

    1 is it possible to set certain cue points (fade in, load) either using the keyboard on hot cue pads

    2 - where are the RB settings saved e.g how you lay your decks out, if you make any keyboard changes etc

    3 - how do you back up your collection ? is this the xml file ? If so where does it get located?

    4 - can you change the size of the decks to make them bigger or can you zoom in somehow?

    5 if you use the split screen mode how can you toggle between the 2 when using a DDJ RR controller

    6 where are the latency settings?

    7 Im using latencymon to check my audio drop outs and this seems to be ok, any guides on anything RB specific that you need to amend to get zero dropouts

    Many thanks in advance

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    1. Rekordbox only has two cue types: Hot Cue and Hot Loop. You can set them with the number keys.

    2. I'm not on Windows, but I assume they're in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Pioneer\rekord box.

    3. File > Library > Backup Library.

    4. You can change the deck layout with the dropdown at the top. The 2 deck layout has larger decks than the 4 deck layout.

    5. You probably need to map a keyboard shortcut for it.

    6. Preferences > Audio > Buffer size.

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    Erik thanks a lot for this
    Btw are you the same Erik that replied to a post on the pioneer DJ forum about moving traktor collection udionv6a python script? If so I was trying to find you as I couldn't work out how to run the script 😁

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    Tried to copy the rekordbox3.settings file but it copies as a xml file and not settings file?

    I assume I can just copy it and don't have to extract it somehow?

    Also I assume the keyboard mappings are kept in the folder Keyboard Mappings? Again can I just copy the files or do I have to extract them and can they be pasted in the same location on my back up laptop?

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    Yes, the .mappings and .settings files are in fact XML files. I don't use Windows, but I'm quite sure you can just backup the entire folder and restore it when needed. That's how it works on macOS.

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    Thanks for that I'll try that as I have a 2nd laptop which I use as a back up and try to keep both in sync

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