Hi everyone !
As a new user of those damn new macbook pro, i have to fight with 4 Usb-C ports.
In fact, only 2 remains free, as the 2 first ones are for power supply and soundcard.

I'd like to use 3 controllers on those 2 Usb-C ports : 2 Midi Fighter Twisters (250 mA each) and 1 other controller (Keyboard or Launchpad).

For now i've tried a Raidsonic-AC6702 with 7 Usb-3 ports and which is supposed to deal with 2 x 2,4 A. But when i'm plugin the 2 MFT, it sometimes works, sometimes not (the 2 MFT blinking and not starting)...

Any advice ?
So much thanks in advance for any help.

& all the best to DJTT crew

If needed, here is the link to the Raidsonic-AC6702 :