TRAKTOR VIDEO, VJ module incoming?
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    Default TRAKTOR VIDEO, VJ module incoming?

    So I was reading some posts and news about Traktor, till I found this:

    Documentation Native Instruments
    For Music Hackday 2017, Native Instruments is providing participants with a special set of features for TRAKTOR – the ‘Video Bridge’. These features extend the MIDI/SMPTE capabilities of TRAKTOR, allowing DJs to control video and lights while performing.

    The TRAKTOR Video Bridge is an ongoing research project at Native Instruments GmbH, in which MIDI/SMPTE features are unlocked by special serial numbers not available to the public. It allows for video playback to be synchronizing to tracks playing in TRAKTOR, automatically selecting matching video based on what track is playing in TRAKTOR, and triggering visual events on the timeline from TRAKTOR.

    Additionally, Native Instruments will provide STEMS files for hacking purposes (no public use please) onsite.

    If you would like to use the TRAKTOR Video Bridge or STEMS for a hack, please send a brief e-mail with your idea to apolline-guedon (at) We will get in touch with you regarding documentation and serial number.

    Interesting, huh?

    Then I found this:

    The api from native instruments and my love for generative interactive graphics

    What it does
    It provides a super easy to use graphics app that it's entirely controlled by traktor and offers more power than regular Vj apps because 3d graphics in real time have more resolution speed and parameters to control than a simple video loop

    How I built it
    started to explore outcoming parameters from traktor that I thought they could be useful in order to produce a syncrhonized av experience

    Challenges I ran into
    Understanding traktor hierarchy and terminology

    Accomplishments that I'm proud of
    providing an hypnotic synched Av experience

    What I learned

    What's next for video happy.
    use it in next performances and vj sets,

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    IF something like that is coming it definitively isn't this year. These "hackatons" are fairly common in the development environment and serve mainly as proof of concept and idea brainstorming so we shouldn't assume it's coming only because they toyed with the concept.

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