Which dj controller?
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    Hello guys!

    I have djed for many years in clubs using vinyl only. After my kids I knocked that all on the head and over the years my equipment got damaged and thrown away. Now I'm looking to get a dj controller to use for home. I'm not sure which to get? I would like to do all my own beatmatching and learn to use loops and fx efficiently. I was tossing up between tractor s2 mk2 or the Numark N4. But now I was hoping to get something cheaper but still with precise pitch control. I'd prefer 4 channels as I think getting a cheap MPC would be fun to use.

    Any advise would be superb.

    Thanks in advance

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    Well imo, numark is pretty trash. yeah it works but my controller went out in 2 years and i babied it. pitch control is NOT controllers strong suit. i think the only one you would be truly happy with is the DDJ-1000 but that is expensive. i think a traktor s4 is gonna be your cheapest option. otherwise i would try to get a DDJ-SX2 for a little more. if you were a beginning dj id say you could get the numark but it will definitely disappoint with features/quality

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