update loop of hell ...
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    Default update loop of hell ...

    Hi all,

    i bought the twister in june* but never been able to enjoy this hardware

    cause im ...
    stuck in this damn detect device / check update (ok) / reboot app loop

    now i got more time ahead to find a solution, i'll be glad to get a lil help here ; )

    my config is macbook prop 2017 15'' (usb-c up to date (10.13.6 now)
    the twister is recognized, i can switch banks, color are matching the schema.
    i'm using chroma cables from the start (tested 3 of them).

    EDIT: i can map it in live with the presets

    my new device is working on older hardware (macbook pro 2013) on the same os (10.13.6)
    no reboot loop on this one.

    So, my 2 cents : it comes from the app (is it an electron app ?).

    is anyone else facing this issue ?
    man it's a downer !!!

    cheers !

    (* hey Darla (?), i'm this french dude who showed up at the warehouse)
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    Default no modo response ?

    Hi guys,

    No one @djtechtools can help here ?


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    Thanx to Charlie from support, it's working now, here's the fix if it can help =>

    With your unit connected directly to your computer go to Applications>Utilities and open the Audio MIDI Setup application
    Once that is open click on Window>Show MIDI Window
    If you see your ___ greyed out then select it and click on Remove Device
    Finally click on Rescan MIDI and your fighter should work properly

    Note: If your computer detects it as a Generic MIDI Device then double click it and change the Device Name to "Midi Fighter ___"

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