Hardware Problem With Denon Mc2000
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    Default Hardware Problem With Denon Mc2000

    Looks like I'm investing into a new controller since it seems that my controller just shit the bed on me. The fader on deck A has completely stopped working. Just a couple minutes ago, If I pressed hard enough on it it would put out audio, and after a couple attempts it just quit working. I tried on Serato and Traktor. I don't know if I'm just missing something, but I do know its not worth fixing. If thats the case I might just have to suck it up and buy a better quality controller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by henryblack View Post
    t it would put out audio, and after a couple attempts it just quit working.
    Faders on controllers don't output audio, they just send midi signal of their position to software. In Traktor, you can enable mixer view from layout and observe if the fader in software follows the physical fader to determine exact position where the fader losses contact. Unfortunatelly, not even top of the line controllers have quality faders that are comparable to club mixers.

    Use fader cleaning solutions and after that fader lube, that might give it some more life.
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