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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlos Santos View Post
    All good suggestions that I have considered. I like the A&H and it would be even better if it didn't have the over hanging top plate. If it was replaceable with one that was the same size as the mixer body it would be the front runner.

    I don't want another DJM type mixer. I have a DJM-T1 and I'll sell it to fund a new, smaller mixer.
    Denon, I think that might be a bit old? A bit pricey for a spare/emergency mixer.
    The A&H (if buying new) sure is best bang for buck feature wise but to be honest, it's also the most minimal one, has awkward layout and I had the misfortune of working on several ones that had issues (outputs, faders, knobs) so I will say that the build quality is not what is expected of A&H.

    And yup, Denon is oooold. Interface in of no use in macOs after High Sierra (thanks Apple, thanks inMusic). But I think it still offers most features (especially if you plan on doing DVS now with TP3), best sound quality and the secondhand price is not bad (when it launched it was a €700 mixer). Mic input is quality, with ducking and you can precue it and apply onboard FX on it.

    I had to bring it to one gig when the club's DJM PSU craped out 15min before the show started, it had plugged 2xNXS players, 2xTT, me using the USB and another guy plugged his Serato box in the aux1 and aux2 line inputs (HID with NXS players). We did switchovers with just a flick of a input switch. Let's hope inMusic just updates it with green paint and throws it out on the market as X800 Prime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlos Santos View Post
    What's the smallest footprint mixer you can think of that has:

    1: 2 channels
    2: USB soundcard
    3: Mic input (XLR or 1/4")

    It has to have all 3 of the above features... simply must have those 3. Just 2 of the 3 will not suffice.

    Something like the A&H 23c or even better the AKAI AMX or Reloop Mixtour.
    The smaller the better. It will be used with Traktor.
    Preferably a 'DJ mixer' in format but anything considered as long as it is a table top design. No rack stuff.

    I was looking for something similar a month ago and settled on the Pioneer DJM 250-mkII.
    • The layout is intuitive and well spaced out.
    • Each knob is midi mappable so if there is anything you you'd like to control in Traktor such as the filter effects you can map them to some knobs you dont use.
    • Has a great cross fader
    • The filters sound great and has an extra control for filter resonance.
    • Has a great sounding audio interface for DVS playback (sounds way better than my Traktor Audio 6 in my old DJM 250)
    • Works with Rekordbox if you decide to switch in the future
    • Easy to switch from DVS to vinyl/line input playback
    • 1/4" and 3.5mm headphone jack
    • Has a crossfader reverse and curve switch

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