Hey, this is my first post so hello!
I have a really important question. I am preparing to play live music and am gathering equipment for this task.
I scratch using analog records to my electronic music, create samples, and this is how I created my music.
I want to start playing live next year but I am new to all this dj equipment (although I've been scratching for some time analog).
I want to scratch using pre-prepared samples, play my electronic samples(like bass, drum, synth samples etc.), be able to stop, play, loop and cue samples, apply and control effects to them. So basically I want to be able to scratch with my pre prepared samples AND all ableton functionality.
What do you suggest? I am NOT a DJ, I will NOT play full songs and mix them at the party, so you can skip this functionality.
I thought about going digital with Traktor(DVS) + Traktor X1 and Traktor F1 but I don't really know those devices(whethr they would fullfill my needs or not) and this is A LOT of equipment (turntable + mixer + dvs box + x1 + f1). Maybe I should go for whole controller like Traktor S2 or S4, or I should apply some other software like Serato? I would be really glad for your ideas thx