I made a Traktor mapping for the MIDI Fighter 64 (+MF3D)
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    Default I made a Traktor mapping for the MIDI Fighter 64 (+MF3D)

    Hey all,

    I recently finished this custom mapping for the MIDI Fighter 64, and MIDI Fighter 3D as a secondary unit mixer. I'm not releasing it just yet as I want to do some additional testing and tidying up, but after 30+ hours work on it I need a few days off from staring at Traktor's Controller Manager, my mind has turned to marshmallow at this point. (Please add tree/folder support NI...)


    I made this showcase video yesterday to explain how the mapping works. As explained the 3D works as a stand-in for your stand alone mixer unit like the K2 or F1, the mapping for the 3D isn't entirely finished yet, but the 64 mapping is complete.

    If anyone is interested in testing this, or has any feedback I'm really interested to hear. I'm sorry for not posting the mapping, but I don't want to cause frustration for people with getting it to work if I've done something wrong, or something doesn't work as expected and it's not commented in the Controller Manager.

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    Post the mapping dude!

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