Using Rekordbox USB Playlists with Traktor
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    Default Using Rekordbox USB Playlists with Traktor

    Wow, It's been awhile since I've posted here. Learned lots from this forum years back but have a question google isn't quite answering for me. All my music is on USB ran through rekordbox, I'll be playing for some friends this weekend with a Traktor S4. Is there a way for me to access my playlists without importing my music to the computer I'll be using? I have unreleased music I cannot share. Also want to make sure I have things sorted correctly. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Better late than never?

    This is probably too late but here goes...

    Rekord Buddy is software that may help, but I'm not sure if it converts from Traktor to Rekord Box one way or 2 ways between them.

    If you can generate playlist files in Rekord Box in a format Traktor will understand (I think a regular .m3u should work, but test it!), then make a folder in Traktor and import each playlist to a new playlist directory. I'm not 100% sure on this but I've exported Traktor playlists to a USB with the music when I was going to play somewhere with only an S4 or similar available so I'd just plug into the laptop with my USB rather than take my own gear. You can delete the playlists after you're done playing so there won't be a record (make sure to delete your entries in the history, if it stays there too). Of course, if they have a Mac with only 2 ports, it may be a problem if they are using an external hard drive or USB as well as their controller... I've come across this a couple of times.

    You can also just plug in the USB and try to navigate with Traktor's file explorer, but RekordBox doesn't export the music in a nice layout to be able to use it that way.

    Another alternative is to dump all the contents of the playlist from the USB stick into VLC media player or WinAmp, and hopefully it shows up the songs, and then save that as a playlist onto the USB drive. It may require you to export the playlist fom RekordBox to the USB stick, save a playlist file, then delete the music files - but only if you have multiple playlists. Once all the playlists are created (easiest is to place them in the root folder of the USB stick or make a folder called "Playlists" or whatever), then export all the playlists back to the USB stick. You can then test the playlists you made in VLC media player, WinAmp or similar programs.

    Don't forget your beatgrids and cue points don't transfer over to Traktor, and nor may any keys detected by RekordBox. You'll probably need RekordBuddy for that but google that software to see if it's what you need.

    Hope that helped for future use!

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