Good day people

recently I bought a traktorkontrols2 was used before, and at the moment of connecting it I have the following problem:

- The light that indicates the USB connection keeps on (I must say that I have installed the controller driver, the controller editor and the control panel of the S2 previously)
- I recognize the S2 audio card perfectly and the main knob works correctly
- everything related to the other knobs, the fader, jogs, play, cue, equalization knobs etc, do not work
- when trying to do a map with a tsi of the default configuration of the s2 that I found in DJtechtools in the Port-in and Port-out sections, the driver does not appear, it simply appears: None
- when I open a device with generic MIDI configuration, it appears in Port-in and Port-out appears S2, otherwise in no device does the controller appear, only in generic MIDI
- already poor reinstalling the dirver of the S2 and the pro traktor, but without result, the only thing that still works as mentioned, is the sound card

What can I do to solve the problem?

Thanks for the attention.