Traktor Pro 2 Mapping for DDJ-SR In The Works...
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    Default Traktor Pro 2 Mapping for DDJ-SR In The Works...

    None found in my search here for a Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato based controller. These companies must have a clause in the contract that prevents them from letting out a TSI file for competitors... I despise Serato for the collection explorer and crate system. This TSI mapping file will be for my specific use of DeckC & DeckD in Traktor going through Ch2 and Ch3 on my DJM900NXS, but will utilize the MIDI from the DDJ-SR to control C/D-2/3 mainly for Pitch Adjust, Play, Pause, Cue Points, etc. Eventually I will add further content.

    The problem I have is between the controllers, different patterns emerge. The channels should be built surrounding the Crossfader (Xfader) like Pioneer. I use the outside two channels 1 & 4 for Technics 1200s, and the center two channels 2 & 3 for Traktor; using the DVS is cool, but this way I can have 4 tracks cued up, and potentially 6 using all 4 decks in Traktor.

    How I look at the mixer and deck organization. Per the Pioneer DJM900, or any classic 4ch Pioneer, I would always run 1&4 as nothing or digital or 2nd set of ttbl, and 2&3 as the core centered around the Xfader Technics 1200s BITD.

    ....C.... - center of mixer
    1 2 3 4 - Pioneer - how mixers have always been. Ran 2&3 Phono BITD, now running 1&4 Phono.
    A C D B - Traktor - A&B are grouped on top of screen, C&D are grouped on bottom, center on Xfader.
    3 1 2 4 - DDJ-SR - button toggles 1 or 3 on left deck, 2 or 4 on right deck.
    ....X.... - crossfader

    From this table I can create whatever patterns I need. Using the DJM900-NXS as the main soundcard, all the channel routings and actions on the DDJ-SR still get routed through the DJM 900 for the final mix. I will mostly use the DJM effects at first, and will not need the EQs, etc, right now. To be continued...

    This may not be what you are looking for, but none of the other TSI files currently available on the web will work with my version of Traktor Pro 2. I'll update it as the functions get mapped and maybe make custom TSI in trade for good mix CDs, a place to crash if you live near mountains, or booking DJ Clintoris for your show, etc;-).

    Any tips along the way would be helpful, like can I make a whole set of commands, then copy/paste/reassign to Deck D? If there was a way to make an Excel CSV file and rename it tsi or something, that would enable copy/paste, then search/replace to copy one complete deck onto the other 3, saving about 75% of the time. TIA. DJC
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    I use CMDR (Controller Manager Done Right) which is unofficial TSI editor for Windows based machines. It will let you batch editing and all basic keyboard functions. It's a Godsend.
    If you're on Mac than check out Xtreme Mapping app.

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