Hello, I finally decided to get serious about DJing/Producing after 8 years of off and on gigs, stopping for 2 years, and rethinking my entire approach. I thought all I really needed was to know my music, the crowd, and just to be able to simply beatmatch. I wanted to be as light, mobile, and minimal as possible and got a cheap Hercules controller but I realized I was just being lazy and limiting myself purposely in order to be lazy. I also produce and so I thought I could approach producing minimally with just using a mouse and laptop (if Skrillex can do it I could to right?). I still want to be minimal and mobile but I want more control.

I finally did away with my Hercules DJ Air Controller and impulsively got the Launchpad MK2 and a Launchpad Control XL because I wanted complete control of pads through mapping and thought it'd make DJing more intuitive for me because I really love loops. However in my excitement I realized I lacked a few things and now I'm trying to complete my setup so I'm looking for some advice. I've scoured the forums and other websites but there's a lot of conflicting information and I thought I'd just ask directly myself.

So my current issue is that I have no way to pre-que my tracks. I got the Launchpad Control XL to use as an internal mixer and learned I can map almost everything in traktor to mimic high end mixers. Now I find that I need an audio interface. I found several options for me, but again so many conflicting issues regarding not working with Win 10, 64bit, etc. So Im torn on the interfaces between:

- NI Audio 2 - minimal and light
- Focus Scarlett Solo vs. Presonus Audiobox vs. Steinburg UR12
- Novation Audiohub - seems perfect fit with the included USB hub but I heard of compatibility issues with Win 10

I also thought about getting a dedicated internal mixer with a built in soundcard like the Z1, Akai AMX, or XOne K2. This would free up my Control XL for other things but make it semi-useless as what I intended it for. Now I dont really plan on recording with a lot of instruments and just use my controllers. For the future, I do plan on adding a third controller to my setup maybe even a single CDJ, or X1/K1/F1, or another pad controller like the Pioneer-XP1. For now I just want to get started with my Launchpad + Control XL. Thanks for anyone's help, I look forward to involving myself more in the DJ community.