Allen & Heath chroma caps compatibility
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    Default Allen & Heath chroma caps compatibility


    I found a few older posts that show the chroma caps on the k2.

    It seems like they sit a bit high:

    Is that still the case today?

    Which encoders should i buy that would fit the k2?? under the chroma caps site i can only pick 90degree knobs with a line.. but i see pictures around were people fitted encoders successfully:
    An example -

    Would love to receive pointers from people who did this customization..
    Seems like it also fits poorly in the case :\
    Thanks in advance!

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    Iím not sure how old these pics are but they did update their caps within the last year or 2. I donít have a K2 but the caps fit my xone db2 perfectly. And you shouldnít need 90 degree encoders because they spin freely. Every encoder should fit

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