Hello one more time sorry

Basically I was always into turntables, got lots of vinyls. My first though was to get djm 250mk2 with xp1, and pair of plx 1000 (used for price cut) But I found some post on pioneer forums and elsewhere that djm 250mk2 has very low sound quality especially for real vinyls and that kinda push me back and didnt know what to do after read these all.

I wont hide I like rekordbox a lot its a lot simpler and better for preparing tracks than Traktor for me ofcourse. Then I am torn does djm 750mk2 has better pre amps and sound quality? Maybe I should get these instead and its all good?

But I also start looking at very different direction xone 96 would be my dream mixer but its too expensive so I was thinking what about taking xone 92? I really like the analogue idea especially for vinyl listening but it doesn't have any soundcard and thats where the problems will show up. Because if I want rekordbox I need pioneer soundcard, if Traktor then traktor soundcard ect so its always an extra money spent for gear? Is there any media players that maybe have built i soundcard so i could connect these with xone 92 without extra interface? I dont want controllers I prefer to buy separate gear in longer term than go in short cut. I am also into the send /returns with fxpedals I dont know what direction to choose the best logical option seems djm 750mk2 it looks great, have probably all I need but Idont fell it....hmm especially the sound quality. I would really want thst neaf awesome sound from vinyls and dvs/ and usb later DB 2 had been discountinued and layout looks weak and DB4 is out in price range. PX5 has only one filter so its off the list. Anyhing new comming in dj world soon ?