What are your most essential midi mappings that you can't live without?
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    Default What are your most essential midi mappings that you can't live without?

    So I've been busy trying to map out my Traktor mappings for my Launchpad MK2 and XOne K2. I've taken inspiration from a lot of different midi mapping sources and emulating actual mixer controls but I'm still overwhelmed from the (almost)limitless possible mappings I can have and use. I'm trying to prioritize which functions I will always need to have and looked at other mapping ideas that I can use to fill the rest. I sprinkled some one button mappings from here for instant grat fx and phase led meters to fill some voids but I feel like Im overlooking some functions. So what are your most essential must have mappings that you cant live without? Any creative macros that make just make mixing for you a lot easier?


    edit: Just to clarify it can be mappings for any program/software you use.
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    I like to push a controllers mapping potential to the max so for me modifiers are essential mapping tools. Especially when you have small units like Midifighters. Take this mapping as an example: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/1907

    It has more than 30 different layers of controls! I don't necessarily have to use every layer but idea is that this kind of mapping can supplement any kind of Traktor DJ setup. Because everything you miss on your main controller surface you can find and activate on the midifighter.

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