TTM57SL and Traktor Pro 3
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    Default TTM57SL and Traktor Pro 3

    I'm just curious if anyone has used the newly updated Traktor Pro 3 with the Rane TTM57SL mixer running DVS.

    I understand the software claims to work with any DVS system now...if anyone has tried this specific setup I'm curious to hear how it worked.


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    I think the biggest obstacle will be support for the Rane's interface under Mac OS that is required to run TP3 (I know you had to do a workaround with some mac settings to be able to use it with SSL under Sierra but I don't know was it about SSL or interface not being detected).
    Windows users can always use the generic ASIO4ALL drivers.

    Other than that, I see no problems. 57 got support for DVS with other software long ago in some firmware update if I remember correctly.
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